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7 Things About SEO Your Boss Wants to Know

7 Things About SEO Your Boss Wants to Know

7 Things About SEO Your Boss Wants to Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become the king to grow your business online. The more your website rank on a web page the more will be your profit since the competition is high; the importance of SEO has grown. Before implementing SEO strategy, your boss may have questions which should be answered. There will be plenty of questions but let’s see the most common among them.

 1.What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of getting organic, natural or paid traffic from search results. We use the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing to search and these search engines produce the most relevant web pages, videos or images which are useful to the users.

In general, SEO is a practice used to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your sites. By this method, the search results will attract visitors to your site who are genuinely interested to visit your website. Once the right users visit your website, through search results, your traffic increases and thus your business.

In order to achieve the results, you have to build an SEO friendly Website and carry out the SEO techniques.

 2.Why is SEO important?

In this Digital world, users trust the Search engines the most. So, if your website is well optimized the search results will show up the website in search results and can grow your business.

But it’s important to keep in mind that, if your website comes up in search results doesn’t mean you will get traffic because the users are likely to click on the results that come in the first page.

So to get more traffic and improve your business search engine optimization is an important factor and it should be organic.

3.How long will it take to rank?

Once the SEO gets implemented, how long will it take is the most concern. As per many case studies and experiments, the average time taken to rank a website is about 3-6 months.

Ranking on Google is Complex Process, Depending on the competition of the industry and popularity of the keywords you choose.

Firstly, Google has to index your page, for that Google bots should be able to crawl to your page. Google uses certain Algorithms to show up the results you search for and this depends upon a number of factors.

 4.What type of SEO works will you implement?

Search engine optimization is divided as Technical SEO, On-page SEO and Off Page SEO, when all these Techniques are well implemented on a website it starts working.

Technical SEO: This Technique is used to check the Crawler Errors, 404 errors, Redirect Errors and checks how well search engines bots crawl and index the pages.

On Page SEO: This Technique checks the contents of the website, like how well it is optimized for the keywords chosen in their Title Tags, Meta Tags, Image Alt Tags and so on. And makes sure to provide a good user-friendly experience.

Off Page SEO: This Technique is mainly used to get quality backlinks (inbound links) to your website. For this Many activities are carried out including Blogging, Blog Commenting, directories, Book Markings, search engine submissions and so on.

 5.Is SEO Cost Effective or Not?

The Expense of SEO depends on to whom you approach as there are Organic and Non-Organic SEO carried out. SEO is much cost effective When compared to Online Digital Marketing methods Such as PPC, SEM, SMM, etc.

Search engine optimization can produce a much greater return on investment (ROI) and with proper optimization, the results can stay for a longer period of time.

 6.What is Link Building and how will it help in SEO?

For a website to rank well in search, the key factors are the content and Link building.

Link Building is a process of acquiring hyperlinks to your websites from other websites. These Links helps you to navigate between pages on the internet and search engines use these links to crawl the website. There are different ways to gain quality backlinks and so this is the most difficult task.

Link Building is important because search engines use links to crawl the website and also helps the search engines to see how well they rank in search results.

 7.Can you assure that the website will rank in the first position when searched?

There are a number of ranking factors for a website to rank in the search results. The process of Webmaster Algorithms and Search engines are never completed, updations are going on and so we cannot assure that your website will rank in the first position.

The competition in the market is another reason.With the Best Content, On page optimization and a large number of quality backlinks, we can push to the first position, but variations can happen due to the algorithm updates.

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