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The History of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The History of Search Engines
The History of SEO - A quick overview

The History of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Like anything around us which has an origin, Search engine optimization (SEO) also falls among them, but the birth of SEO remains a mystery.As we know that this exists and is an important factor for the growth of any business.By History, SEO evolved after the development of Search Engines.

But no one has spent much time to find the origin of SEO, as we were more concerned about how to use this to do results. With a short time span, SEO has improved and brought changes at a fast rate and their birth to predicted to fall around the end 1990’s.

Before that let’s see the birth of Search Engines.

Search engines have changed the way we find information, shop, research, connect others, etc. and thus behind any of our findings, it’s a search engine which has been a guide for each and everyone across the world.

Dr.Vannevar Bush in 1945 Introduced the concept of “collection of data and observations, the extraction of parallel material from the existing record, and the final insertion of new material into the general body of the common record.”

In 1990, McGill University student Alan Emtage created an Archie, which some say was the very first search engine.

In 1994, Yahoo was created by Stanford University students-Jerry Wang and David Filo .

Which was an Internet bookmark list and directory of interesting sites. Webmasters had to manually send their page to the Yahoo directory for indexing.

In 1996, two Stanford University students, Page and Brin, introduced Backrub, a new search engine that ranked sites based on inbound link relevancy and popularity.

Danny Sullivan launched Search Engine Watch at the year 1997, a website dedicated providing news for the search industry, tips on searching the web,and details regarding how one can rank websites better and Google.com registered as a domain name.

By 1998, Goto.com launched with sponsored links and paid search.

In 1999, The first-ever all search marketing conference, Search Engine Strategies (SES), took place.

Birth of Google-Search Engine

When search engines rolled out,the information quality thus produced created issues. When search engines deliver the results for search queries, results limited to certain keywords due to keyword stuffing.And in addition to this people started using spammed back-links.

In order to solve this issue, two students Page and Brin In 1998, published a paper which was related to Page Rank, with this technology Google helps to rank search results based on quality along with keywords.

Later on, introducing white hat SEO guidelines began to roll out.

Journey of Google Boomed

By Early 2000’s, Yahoo partnered with Google and expanded their organic results.

Mid 2000, the Google Toolbar became available on Internet Explorer, which allowed SEO Professionals to see their Page Rank score.

In 2003, after introducing Blogger.com, Google launched Adsense.

By 2004, Google and other top search engines started improving results for queries that had more search queries.

A drastic change in Search Engine was by 2005.As Google along with Yahoo united with MSN for introducing No-follow attribute which was to decrease the spammed links and comments.

Later on, Google personalized the search option on the website to make more relevant search results.

By the end 2005, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools were launched.

XML Sitemaps, introduced in 2006 and acquired a great support from the search engines.

In the year 2009, Bing introduced and Microsoft Marketing it as the best search engine with better search results than Google. Later in the same year, Google designed Caffeine algorithm and requested the public to help to test the Next Generation Infrastructure. by the very next year, caffeine took action by improving the search engines speed.

And the rise of Social media proved that the social signals and shares can impact search rankings indirectly.

Then came the two major updates of Google that changed the history of SEO- Panda and Penguin update.

These updates clean up its search results and offer with high-quality websites.

Finally, in 2015, we had the rise as Year of Mobile, where the mobile searches overtook the desktop search.

Lets Conclude

Search engines and SEO has traveled a long way since the 1990s

The history of SEO will continue evolving into new forms out of the works.

Search engine optimization has taken a lot of turns in their journey. Thus as long as search engines comes up with new updates, the need for SEO remains important.

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